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1999 Preliminary Results
PSI Scientific Report 1998 / Volume I
Neutrino `98 Contribution
PSI Annual Report 1997 / Annex I
PSI Annual Report 1995 / Annex I
Phys. Lett. B 361 (1995) 179-183.

Search for Heavy Neutrino States in Pion Decay

PSI Annual Report 1996 / Annex I

Neutrino Mass Measurements

Precision measurement of the muon momentum in pion decay at rest using a surface muon beam
Upper limit of the muon-neutrino mass and charged-pion mass from momentum analysis of a surface muon beam.

Kinetic energy of pi¯p-atoms in liquid and gaseous hydrogen

Final Results (e-print) 
Hyperfine Interactions 119 (1999) 95-102.
PSI Annual Report 1996 / Annex I

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